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A “Messi” Conflict Allegation — Professional Football (Soccer) Club (Team) Fires Law Firm

Barcelona sack their own law firm for advising Lionel Messi on exit strategy” —

  • “According to a report in Marca which cites an initial Crónica Global story, the law firm had in the past represented both club and player, but that the longstanding relationship with Barcelona is now at an end.”
  • “It was revealed last week that Messi had signalled his intention to leave Camp Nou by sending Barca a burofax, a legal document that requires confirmation of receipt by the recipient and is commonly used in Spanish business.
  • “Messi’s departure from the club will likely remain a protracted affair, due to the lack of agreement between the club and himself over the break clause in his contract.”
  • “The clause states that Messi can leave for free providing he notifies Barcelona before the end of the season. The end of the season would generally be the end of May but, Messi’s lawyers are expected to argue, due to the delay and subsequent extension of the season due to coronavirus, the end of the season was pushed back to August.”

Messi Transfer: Barcelona Fire Law Firm For ‘disloyalty’ And ‘conflict Of Interest’“–

“The report states that Barcelona have blamed the law firm for disloyalty and conflict of interest.”

But looks like the actual exit has been called off: “Lionel Messi to Stay at Barcelona to Avoid Legal Conflict with Club: Report” —

  • “Lionel Messi has decided to stay at FC Barcelona to fulfill his current contractual obligations as the legal proceedings of the matter proved to be too much to go ahead with. Messi, who sent a burofax to the club to formally intimate them of his wish to leave on August 26, has been having discussion with the board after his father landed in the city.”
  • “After 10 days of discussion, the Messi camp has come to the conclusion that the legal conflict that will come into place if the player pushes to leave is too much and has decided to honour his current contract, according to TyC Sports. Even though Messi has been unhappy with the board of the club, he doesn’t want to leave the club on bad terms and amid the current situations, the parting is likely to get messy.”