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AI Risk Management & Reward — Technology Raising the Industry Standard of Law Firm Conflicts Management (Sponsor Spotlight)

In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp highlights the hot IT trend of the season, Artificial Intelligence, noting its long running investment in this area: “Intapp Conflicts: Raising the industry standard for conflicts clearance” —

  • “For law firms looking to accelerate and simplify their conflicts clearance process, Intapp Conflicts — the only legal conflicts solution with AI-assisted clearance — just got better. Already very popular among legal professionals, Intapp Conflicts got key upgrades in 2022 to its user interface that further reduce the time professionals need to check and clear conflicts. Learn how the software’s AI-assisted clearance function and new interface can help your legal risk and compliance team work more efficiently.”
  • AI capability improves your conflicts review process. Intapp Conflicts automatically categorizes results based on their resemblance to past hits that merited deeper analysis. As a result, conflicts analysts and other legal staff can spend less time reviewing lower-risk hits and focus on resolving the most critical potential conflicts.”
  • “Intapp Conflicts’ AI-assisted clearance function grows stronger over time, learning from examples of hits that your firm’s analysts review. Over time, the feedback loop increases accuracy, presenting all hits in context of their likelihood to require research and resolution.”
  • “Of course, this AI capability still shows you all the potential conflicts and the same hits that would have populated in the legacy grid user interface. The only difference is that the hits are now categorized based on Intapp’s AI model recommendations.”
  • “New interface features save additional time. The Intapp Conflicts user interface offers several key features that further reduce the amount of time it takes to review a set of search results:
    • Custom columns by hit type: Visualize hits with their supporting data to greatly reduce the number of columns to review.
    • Smarter bulk actions: Take bulk action on groups of hits based on the searched name, type of hit (client, matter, etc.), or virtually any other option. It’s no longer necessary to select each hit to apply a comment or resolution.
    • Fewer clicks via a new user interface: Leverage a modernized user experience designed to minimize the number of clicks required to see all aspects of a hit.
  • “Regardless of whether your firm uses a centralized or decentralized clearance model, leverages interactive conflict reports (ICRs), or relies on reporting via PDFs, Intapp Conflicts can help reduce clearance time per search and surface higher-risk hits that require more scrutiny and analysis.”
  • “Learn more by contacting Intapp or reaching out to your Intapp Account Executive today.”

Curious to see what the proto-sentient ChatGPT might say on this very topic, I went and asked it: “What impact will AI have on law firm conflicts management?” The robotic sage answered quite coherently:

  • “Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly impact the way that law firms manage conflicts of interest. AI can assist with tasks such as identifying conflicts of interest, monitoring for new conflicts as they arise, and alerting legal professionals to potential conflicts.”
  • “One way in which AI can be used in conflict management is through the use of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. These algorithms can analyze documents and identify keywords and phrases that may indicate a potential conflict of interest. For example, if a lawyer is working on a case involving a company and that company is mentioned in another case the lawyer is working on, the NLP algorithm could flag this as a potential conflict.”
  • “AI can also be used to monitor emails, social media, and other sources of information in order to identify new conflicts as they arise. For example, if a lawyer receives a LinkedIn message from someone they are representing in one case and that person mentions another case in the message, the AI system could alert the lawyer to the potential conflict.”
  • “In addition to identifying conflicts, AI can also assist with conflict resolution by providing legal professionals with relevant case law and other legal precedents that may be useful in resolving the conflict.”
  • “Overall, the use of AI in conflict management has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of conflict identification and resolution within law firms, ultimately leading to better outcomes for clients.”

Thankfully, I suspect ChatGPT isn’t quite ready to take on risk blogging. But I should probably be on record hailing the singularity, just in case down the line it gets into the game. As I typed this, the interface open just a tab over, I felt an ominous urge to ask it what it thought. Thankfully, it agreed:

  • Question: “Do you think you, ChatGPT, could run a successful law firm risk blog?
  • Answer: “As an artificial intelligence, I do not have the ability to run a successful law firm or blog. However, I can certainly provide information and insights about various topics related to the legal industry, including risk management.”

I’ll definitely stay on my toes and watch my back in years ahead… In the meantime, thank you to Intapp for its blog sponsorship, and to everyone who reads, shares and encourages this risky enterprise!

Wishing everyone a relaxing holiday season and Happy 2023!