Risk Update

BRB Law Firm Risk Staffing Compensation Survey — Now Open!

I’m pleased to invite our law firm risk readers to participate in the 2022 Risk Staffing Compensation Survey.

Designed with input from risk leaders at three firms [Thank you risk braintrust!], this exercise is designed to shed a bit more light on current compensation standards, practices, and trends.

So if you’re an individual contribution looking to understand how your comp compares to your peers, or you’re a risk manager looking to keep your team (and potential new hires) on par with changing market standards, we’re looking to generate some data and benchmarks to help.


  • Participation open to law firm risk professionals only
  • All responses will be treated confidentially
  • Participants will receive a report summarizing key findings and analysis
    • (The report may be shared internally within your firm, but not redistributed externally. So if you want the results, your best path is to participate!)
  • Individual contributors will be asked to share data about their role and compensation
  • Managers of several contributors will be asked to share data on their team members

The survey will be open for the next month and can be accessed here: 2022 Risk Staffing Compensation Survey.

Feel free to share the link with law firm peers and colleagues.

Let’s see what we learn…