Risk Update

Bressler on the Bressler Risk Blog (Six-Month Blog Anniversary Update)

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the half-birthday of the blog. (We do half birthdays in my household, per the defined RPC — Rules of Parental Conduct — shrewdly negotiated by my little ones.)

Over the past six months, we’ve seen strong and consistent growth in readership. Thank you to everyone who receives, reads and passes along these emails. I enjoy graphs that go up and to the right, as they say.

Similarly, thank you to the many who have written in with encouragement, sent in news clips and cases (always appreciated!) and those who write in when there’s a short break in the feed. >smile<

What’s next, Dan?

The current course seems like a productive one. Things seem to be working. But since you asked…

  • I’d like to encourage all looking to support the BRB to send a note to friends, colleagues and peers you think might be interested in joining our readership ranks and encourage them to subscribe for email updates. It’s more fun with more playing.  (The marketing literature says to remind folks to emphasize “free” in these calls to action… But I’m not one for always following those rules, hence being a risk blogger.)
  • I’m also on the hunt for interesting risk visionaries and thinkers to interview. The earlier piece with Bill Freivogel we did was a hit. And there’s another one in the works (should be out later this month). If you know someone with something original, compelling or important to share on the risk front. I’m ears.
  • Without teasing too much, I have another experimental risk project in the works. Hope that sees the light of blog in the weeks ahead as well.

(Long term, I confess to ambitions to seeing if there’s a path to securing some third party sponsors, interested in our elite risk audience. But, this was always intended as a bit of an artistic labor of love, not my day job. So there’s low risk of the lights going out anytime in the near future.)

Thanks for reading!

(Back to normal programming tomorrow. #brb)