Webinar — Managing Client OCGs, Terms of Engagement and Vendor Commitments (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp is highlighting their upcoming webinar on managing client and vendor commitments with Intapp Terms.

Date & Time: June 9, 2022 | 8–9 a.m. PT/11 a.m.–12 p.m. ET/4–5 p.m. BST

Registration: Via this link

Event Description:
It’s imperative that firms develop a comprehensive strategy for managing client commitments, as well as provisions within that strategy to mandate efficient management, provide visibility and insights, ensure compliance, and maintain customer satisfaction. That strategy must ensure thorough management of vendor agreements — and that the commitments within those agreements don’t conflict with client commitments.

Join this webinar to learn how your firm can ensure compliance with client commitments using new vendor terms functionality in Intapp Terms. This feature will give your firm a holistic understanding client commitments and gain visibility into vendor terms — a critical part of that understanding.

As part of new vendor terms functionality in Intapp Terms, firms can leverage 17 out-of-the-box templates and create custom documents. You’ll gain the ability to streamline vendor management, including:

  • Uploading signed vendor contracts
  • Ensuring users see only documents and terms relevant to their work
  • Curating summaries of key contracts information

For more details and to register: “Intapp Terms Webinar: A Holistic Approach to Managing Client and Vendor Commitments.”



Managing Client Terms of Engagement and OCGs — Hogan Lovells + Intapp Terms Case Study (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp is highlighting a webinar case study showcasing how Hogan Lovells is using Intapp Terms to manage Outside Counsel Guidelines, engagement letters and other contractual/professional obligations.

I actually attended this session and found the real-world story and perspective shared by Thomas Patteson (Hogan Lovells Conflicts Client Engagement Attorney and Manager) to be quite engaging indeed. (Pun intended. Sorry.) He described the firms vision and progress in streamlining this increasingly complicated but vital risk responsibility, and shared some stats including:

  • Total number of documents stored: 42,000+
  • Total number of terms: 1.2 million+
  • Total number of activate templates [or categories] (standard and custom): 107
  • Percentage of documents categorized by AI: 99%
  • Document types uploaded:
    • Outside counsel guidelines
    • Engagement letters
    • Secondment agreements
    • Business association agreements (BAA)
    • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

And he details the journey, strategy and path the firm has taken to achieve (and build on) its success with the product.

For more details and to download the on-demand recording: “User Community Event Series: OnePlace Risk & Compliance for Legal — Intapp Terms.”


Risk Resources & Webinars — Risk Assessment, AML, and Client Due Diligence (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp is highlighting new resources on risk assessment, anti-money launderings and client due diligence:

WEBINAR RECORDING:Intapp Risk and Compliance Roundtable: An Expert Panel Discussion on Risk Assessment, AML, and CDD” —

  • “One of the many ever-increasing challenges firms currently face is ensuring proper due diligence while managing their risk assessment processes. Firms are constantly seeking out new ways to address this issue and implement best practices for conducting necessary checks throughout the client and matter opening processes.”
  • “on March 3, WE will SPOKE with two leading subject matter experts on risk-related issues such as Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) expectations and expanding risk awareness.”

UPCOMING WEBINAR:The Intapp Advantage: Streamlining Risk Assessment and AML Processes” —

  • “As a follow-up to our March discussion, on April 21, 2022, at 2 pm BST, 9 am ET we will be hosting a webinar to demonstrate how Intapp Intake for AML Compliance will support your firm’s anti-money-laundering processes and provide you with a comprehensive, configurable, and integrated AML solution.”
  • “Firms continue to struggle with the challenge of managing their risk assessment processes in this post-pandemic environment. The past 2 years have seen a steady increase in the growth of fraud cases and data breaches — a trend that’s expected to continue into 2022. European Union anti-money-laundering (AML) legislation and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) expectations have raised the imperative for firms to expand their risk awareness.”
  • “At this webinar, you’ll learn how Intapp can provide your firm with an AML solution that integrates with your key systems as well as third-party data and a reputable ID verification partner to enable seamless, efficient, and accurate intake and AML compliance processes.”
  • “This session will highlight:
    • Conducting AML compliance with prebuilt configurable forms and workflows
    • Integrating the Intapp AML solution with key firmwide systems, third-party data, and a reputable ID verification partner
    • Generating an AML risk score based on key inputs and firm business rules to quickly assess risk levels and escalate or resolve the risk
    • Streamlining documents delivery and managing client interactions using a secure external client portal
    • Automating real-time monitoring and notifications that may impact the risk assessment”
  • Register Here

Blog + Webinar Recording — Integrated Lateral Intake, Evaluation & Conflicts Clearance (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp is highlighting two resources on lateral hiring: a blog post summary and a recording of their earlier product demo webinar. (I attended that webinar live and could not remember the last time I attended a session that had such a high level of audience Q&A participation…)

Blog post: “Integrated Onboarding and Conflicts Clearance” —

  • “Although lateral hiring and onboarding workflows vary significantly across law firms, most of these processes share one thing in common: they’re hampered by an inability to quickly capture data. As firms face the most active period of lateral lawyer movement in history, firm leaders must consider investing in technology that can help them create faster, more seamless processes that also protect them from potential conflicts.”
  • “During a poll, a majority of the webinar attendees reported that their firm’s onboarding success rate had been negatively impacted because of lengthy workflows. Additionally, as Bowen revealed, risk and compliance teams are facing increasing pressures concerning firm expansion, finances, strategic alignment, complex regulations, and client demands. Bowen explained that, without the proper technology to holistically evaluate risk and onboard laterals, firms will soon find themselves overwhelmed.”
  • “‘Beyond analyzing whether a firm can take on the business [that lateral bring with them], firms are actually starting to assess whether they should take on the business,’ said Bryn Bowen, Practice Group Lead for Legal Risk at Intapp. ‘To make these decisions, firms need to communicate effectively, with all relevant background information at hand. The need to onboard these laterals quickly, efficiently, and in a compliant matter compounds the stress.'”
  • “‘We’ve worked with our clients to develop a solution based on best practices across the industry,’ said Bowen. ‘The lateral hire solution is an out-of-the-box, low-impact, implementation-friendly tool for efficiently evaluating and onboarding laterals. Our lateral hire clearance solution provides … a central place for all the firm’s internal stakeholders and decision-makers to view and evaluate the full package of information.'”
  • “‘The tenant is independent of your environment, allowing you to invite external users to come in, fill out a form, and give you the information required,’ said Kristian Uggla, Senior Sales Engineer at Intapp. ‘It will go through integration points and push that data into your environment. External users will feel like they’re in your environment, but they will in fact have no access to your information whatsoever.'”

For the video overview and product demo, see: “Expediting Lateral Hiring: Integrated Onboarding and Conflicts Clearance” —

  • “To streamline these processes, Intapp offers lateral hiring and onboarding tools as an add-on to Intapp Conflicts and Intapp Intake. The software provides a prebuilt, configurable, internal and external workflow that helps firms onboard new candidates and clear portable new business.”
  • “This session will highlight these new lateral hiring and onboarding features:
    • Lateral Submission — Let lateral candidates submit their history and verification information and documents securely
    • AI-Assisted Conflicts Clearance — Streamline the onboarding team’s review of the AI-categorized search results to clear or resolve potential conflicts of interest
    • Sponsor and HR Review — Help the firm sponsor or HR and recruiting professionals review the candidate and clearance information using an interactive workflow
    • New Business Intake — Prepopulate new business intake forms with cleared portable client and matter details integrated with the FMS”

Outside Counsel Guidelines — Managing the Client Terms of Engagement “Treadmill” (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp calls out a recent article from its consulting partner Aurora North, who shares their perspective on best practices for managing OCGs, framed with a client case study in: “Taking Control of the OCG Treadmill: From Technology Potential to Practical ROI” —

  • “In recent years, outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) have expanded so much in scope and complexity that law firms often find themselves in a treadmill of playing ‘catch up.'”
  • “Many firms still lack a central repository for clients’ OCGs and other client engagement terms — and even the ones that do often find it challenging to track every component. We often hear from firms that negotiating and managing OCGs and enforcing compliance can feel like an “all or nothing” mountain to climb, but it doesn’t have to be.”
  • “This article explores how firms can start small in building more systematic OCG compliance, drawing on the experience of an Am Law 100 firm that has been successful in taking an iterative approach and demonstrating clear ROI along the way.”
  • “In the case of the Am Law 100 firm we worked with, the Finance and Risk teams started by defining critical questions they wanted to address:
    • How can we share knowledge and distribute information on OCGs and client terms within a firm with over 1,000 attorneys?
    • How can we monitor OCG compliance internally and fix any issues quickly — before a problematic invoice reaches the client and results in write-offs?”
  • “The firm’s key priority initially was to take steps that would immediately help reduce write-offs — so we agreed to focus our efforts on improving the visibility and enforcement of client billing restrictions. In other words, the firm decided from the outset to take a more focused approach that would demonstrate ‘quick win’ results.”
  • “Another project we worked on focused on making client-specific staffing restrictions more visible to lead attorneys, to prevent them from assigning first-year lawyers, for example, to a client matter if it was explicitly disallowed per the client’s OCGs.”

Read the complete article here.

Read more about Intapp Terms here and how it helps organizations: “Gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding client terms of business to promote enforcement with confidence. Intapp Terms centralizes and streamlines storing, categorizing, and approval-routing of client mandates, enabling your firm to effectively deliver on the promises it makes.”


Webinar — Risk Survey Report Review + Staffing Strategies to Optimize Post-Pandemic Business Agility (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, I’m pleased to highlight an Intapp webinar I’m already signed up to attend: “Risk Management Staffing Strategies to Optimize Post-Pandemic Business Agility” —

  • “The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 a very challenging year, as law firms were forced to quickly pivot from an in-office environment to a remote work model. Our newly released edition of the Intapp Risk Staffing Survey builds on our earlier surveys, and investigates the true impact of the pandemic’s global disruption.”
  • “In this year’s survey, we aimed to provide more-detailed insights into the breadth of risk services, staffing by function and firm size, and metrics for risk activities.”
  • “Our report tells an encouraging story, illustrating how key factors — the ever-increasing professionalization of risk teams; flexibility, creativity, and resiliency of risk managers; and investment in supporting technology — supported a successful transition to remote and hybrid work.”
  • “Join Intapp as we discuss the survey results and cover a wide range of topics, including:
    • Pandemic-driven impacts on risk management activities and staffing
    • Increased range of dedicated risk-management staffs
    • Ongoing risk-management challenges
    • Key risk-management staffing and business-agility metrics”

Looking forward to hearing from their expert panel:

Learn more about this even register at their website.


Lateral Onboarding — Intapp Conference Session on Risk (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor spotlight, Intapp would like to invite and welcome the community to attend its Connect21 user conference.

This is a virtual event (November 17-18), with no charge to attend. (I’m already signed up. So if you spot me in the virtual hall, please feel free to say hello.)

The conference legal track offers: “insights from the legal industry’s top experts on leveraging technology to enhance relationships with clients from first touch to final outcome.” And there’s a specific session sure to be of interest to anyone managing lateral activity:

  • Integrating Processes: Modernizing Lateral Onboarding
    Nov. 17, 2021 | 10:30–11:15 a.m. PT/1:30–2:15 p.m. ET/6:30–7:15 p.m. GMT

    What if you could manage your lateral partner onboarding lifecycle — from recruiting to conflicts review to intake — in a collaborative, automated environment? What if the result were vastly improved speed and efficiency of conflicts clearance, partner review, and client and matter onboarding, resulting in a positive experience for incoming partners and their clients? What if these improvements left your firm more time to focus on integrating and setting up new partners for success? Join us to discuss how firms are building competitive advantage by modernizing their lateral onboarding processes.

Learn more about Intapp Connect21 and register at their website.


Audit Letter Response — Automating Risk and Compliance Workflows, Increasing Efficiency (Sponsor Spotlight)

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In this month’s sponsor thank you, Intapp opted to once again share the spotlight with a consulting partner.

Audit letter response poses a compliance conundrum for many firms. Organizations need to address their professional and client obligations, while navigating significant process complexity and staff/lawyer overhead.

Today, several firms are taking advantage of their existing (or new) investments in the Intapp platform to achieve a more effective and efficient approaches.

Read more from InOutsource in this case study: “Ballard Spahr — Automating Audit Letter Responses with Intapp” —

  • “Responding to audit letters is a professional requirement for every law firm. When clients get audited, the auditor confers with the client’s attorneys for feedback on loss contingencies, including any pending litigation, claims and assessments which might impact the auditor’s assessment of the company’s financial condition.”
  • “The InOutsource team conducted an assessment of the firm’s existing process for responding to audit letters along with recommendations for how Ballard Spahr could automate key steps and streamline the process.”
  • “‘We started looking at possible solutions. It turns out that, although every law firm deals with audit letters, there is no tool on the market that is built specifically for audit letter responses,’ says Nicholas Weeks, Director of Risk Management, Ballard Spahr.”
  • “‘We have virtually eliminated paper,’ says Lisa Waldron, Risk Compliance Manager at Ballard Spahr. ‘Going electronic has saved us so much time. We send an electronic link to the responsible attorney and to the committee and they click on a link and review it that way.'”

Risk Blog Update — Sponsor Welcome: Intapp

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I’m very pleased to welcome a new sponsor to the Bressler Risk Blog. You may have heard of these folks, I know I have — it’s Intapp.

They’re here because they told me it was important to them to continue supporting and connecting with the legal risk community. And over the past two years this blog has grown into a pretty respectable channel for reaching this select and discerning audience.

So expect to see a monthly sponsor “thank you” post, which will include an explicitly commercial message promoting content or resources that may be of interest. Email readers will also see a discrete newsletter footer with brief commercial messages. As always, anything beyond that is up to my editorial discretion. (Though I am objectively quite curious to see the results of their risk staffing survey when that’s ready…)

I’d like to thank Intapp — and in particular Risk GM Nigel Riley, whom I’ve enjoyed getting to know better this year — for their support.

Of course, the real reward of this enterprise is the feedback and support of my readers. I always encourage folks to share this blog with colleagues and invite them to join the mailing list. (And if you happen to cross paths with anyone from Intapp and mention that you saw them on the Bressler Risk Blog and think that’s a good thing, well that’d appreciated too…)

Now, a quick word from our sponsor. And then back to the risk blogging.


  • OnePlace Risk & Compliance gives risk and compliance professionals the solutions they need to thoroughly evaluate new business, onboard clients quickly, and monitor relationships throughout the client lifecycle. You’ll improve conflicts clearance, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance throughout the client lifecycle — and turn risk and compliance management into a competitive advantage.
  • They’d love for you to see their latest, which you can do via this link.