Risk Update

Client Files, Confidential Information, Protective Orders & Conflicts (Part 2)

And now, part two:

Entire South Florida Firm Removed From Case for Keeping File Meant for Opposing Counsel” —

  • “The firm had been removed from the case by a trial court after it failed to disclose to the opposing side that it had received a document sent to it in error. Instead, court records show it got — and kept — a handwritten statement the plaintiff had meant to send his lawyers but accidentally had transmitted to the other side. Plaintiff Kevin McCrea had intended to fax interrogatory answers to his attorneys but inadvertently sent them to the defense in July 2013.”
  • “The Shapiro Blasi firm waited years before alerting opposing counsel to the error, according to court documents. Lead counsel for the defense, Stuart Weinstein, filed the appeal following Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Abby Cynamon’s 16-page order against him and his firm, finding Weinstein had not complied with rules of professional conduct.”

Atty Posted Confidential Info In Face Of DQ Bid, Rival Says” —

  • “An attorney representing families of banana farmers accusing Chiquita Brands International Inc. of funding murderous South American paramilitaries is blasting the class’ lead counsel for allegedly posting confidential material in response to his attempts at disqualifying the counsel.”
  • “According to Wolf, the confidential deposition was improperly placed into the record earlier this month by lead counsel Terrence P. Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates, whom Wolf says should be disqualified for failing to establish an attorney-client relationship with more than 140 plaintiffs.”
  • “Collingsworth on April 10 told the court that he posted the deposition in response to Wolf’s allegations that Collingsworth had bribed witnesses in the case. Collingsworth said the deposition illustrates that Wolf has stateda that he has no personal knowledge of any bribes paid by Collingsworth.”