Risk Update

Conflicts Allegations — Disciplinary Debate Tied to Penn State/Sandusky Matters (and More)

Former Penn State General Counsel Reprimanded Over Sandusky Grand Jury Representation” —

  • “The former general counsel of Pennsylvania State University, Cynthia Baldwin, was publicly reprimanded in a live YouTube stream Wednesday over how she represented three former university employees during the Jerry Sandusky child abuse investigation.”
  • “‘Your concurrent representation of these clients created a significant risk that your ability to consider, recommend or carry out an appropriate course of action for each client would be materially limited by your representation of Penn State,’ James Haggerty, chair of the disciplinary board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, said during the reprimand.”
  • “Following the hearing, Baldwin, who served as a justice on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from 2006 to 2008, told Corporate Counsel the investigation against her was biased and referred to the process as ‘aberrant.'”
  • “Baldwin was accused of disclosing privileged information while testifying before a statewide grand jury and failing to disclose a conflict of interest to former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz, former Penn State president Graham Spanier and athletic coach Tim Curley.”
  • “In 2018, a panel appointed by the disciplinary board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania recommended that Baldwin be cleared of ethics violations. Baldwin said the high court should have followed their recommendation.”
  • “[Chief Justice] Saylor allegedly told Feudale that a lawyer’s disciplinary complaint against Baldwin was forthcoming and that Feudale should ‘assist in every way with providing information in support of the disciplinary investigation.’ Saylor also allegedly said that assistance and discipline was necessary because Baldwin ’caused us a lot of trouble when she was on the Supreme Court with her minority agenda.'”