Risk Update

Conflicts Job Board Experiment — Hiring? Looking? (Connecting Our Risk Readers)

As some folks know, I like experiments. So I’m curious to see how this one plays out — This week is “Job Week” on the Bressler Risk Blog.

Background: Last week a risk director colleague reached out trying to see if I had any leads on a senior conflicts role for an attorney friend of theirs. (All the names and details are vague on purpose, this is a risk management publication after all.) I sent a few notes to a some consultants in my network I thought might help, but also realized that I have access to one of the largest communities of risk professionals around — the BRB readership.

(Plus, as I noted to my colleague, anyone who reads the blog surely merits extra points as someone you’d want to hire or work for. I think of that as the reverse Groucho.)

The Experiment:

  • If you have an opening for a risk/conflicts position please feel free to send details my way. A link to a posted job description is ideal, or an email summary also works
  • If you are looking for a job (or have a friend), please feel free to let me know as well, sharing whatever details you feel comfortable with

Depending on the response here, I may follow up with a post summarizing open positions. Or I may connect specific individuals with applicable openings directly offline. And if this works well, we might repeat the exercise at some point down the road.

In any case, my aim is to help my readers solve problems and avoid risk — so I’ll take great care to protect any sensitive details folks may disclose.

If you’d like to reach out and are reading this via the daily email, you can just reply to the message and it should reach me. If you’re reading on the website or someone forwarded this to you, I’d encourage you to sign up and join our little community. (I don’t like posting my email address online as I tend to get all sorts of interesting automated inbound spam. No, Elon, I’m not interested in you sending me two Dogecoins for every one I send you, thank you kindly…)

Now, back the the blogging…