Risk Update

Call for Comments on Covid-19 — What Does Your Risk World Look Like Today?

I’ve been having conversations with colleagues about how the Covid-19 situation is affecting everything, including risk operations and management. One element noted in one of yesterday’s articles — moving from paper-based processes to electronic everything — is something I’ve definitely seen come up in a few areas (internal bill generation processes being a recent example).

So I wanted to invite risk readers to share their experiences and stories:

  • How have you and your risk teams responded to the shift to remote work?
  • What challenges have you faced (expected or unexpected)?
  • And how have you been managing?
  • Have you made changes or adjustments along the way? Why?
  • Beyond your team operations, how have things changed in terms of working internally across functions, particularly in terms of your lawyer stakeholders?
  • Are there interesting stories or advice would you share with your risk peers out there?
  • What am I not asking about that I should be? And what’s your answer?

If you’re reading this in your inbox, you can just reply, answering any or all of the above. (And if you’re reading online, you can use the contact form, after you subscribe.)

When you do, please let me know if I can share your identifying details in any summary I generate. Or if you’d rather be anonymous to the world.

I don’t know what the response we’ll get here will be, if anything. But I like experiments. Feels right for a blog about risk…