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Disqualification News — Disney Judge Exits World’s Happiest Place, Lawyer Questions Town Hall

Judge Exits Suit Against Disney Because Of Her Park Pass” —

  • “A Florida federal judge has recused herself from a proposed class action against a Walt Disney Company subsidiary because the judge has an annual pass to a Disney theme park, making her a potential class member in the suit alleging pass holders were overcharged.”
  • “According to the pass holders behind the suit, Disney suspended the monthly charges for the annual pass in April when it closed its parks in response to the pandemic. However, when the parks began reopening in July, the company charged pass holders for several months of payments at once.”
  • “The suit seeks to represent a class of Florida residents who were allegedly overcharged, a separate class of all overcharged pass holders in the United States, and a class for those who continue to be charged for the passes without having the promised access to the parks.”

Lawyer Not Disqualified in Subway Platform Safety Litigation Over Town Hall Question to Transit Official, Judge Rules” —

  • “New York County Supreme Court Justice Lisa Sokoloff has denied a motion for disqualification of counsel, finding that personal injury attorney David Roth didn’t compromise his role in a subway safety case by questioning a transit official at a 2018 town hall meeting.”
  • “Attorneys for the Metropolitan Transit Authority and New York City Transit Authority argued that Roth, who represented clients in cases related to the subway, failed to identify himself as an attorney and asked then-NYCTA President Andy Byford questions without transit counsel present.”
  • “But Sokoloff found there was “no factual support” for the claim that Roth acted deviously or improperly.”
  • “If Roth’s question was not connected to his representation of a client, he did not have to identify himself as an attorney, Sokoloff found in a decision dated June 26.”