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Firms Fighting (Part 2) — Ex-partners Lob Accusations of “Client Theft”

Ex-Pond Lehocky Partner Wants Court To Stop ‘Client Theft’” —

“The ousted co-founder of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano LLP on Thursday asked a Philadelphia state court to stop his former partners from allegedly poaching his clients and using the firm’s resources to fight his efforts to break up the partnership, and sought to appoint a receiver or special master to run the firm during the dispute.”
“David Stern, who helped co-found the prominent Philadelphia-based employment firm in 2010, said his former partners were sending ‘client selection’ letters to his clients that allegedly misrepresented his separation from the firm, pressured them into staying with the firm instead of with Stern, and failed to give them his contact information, he said in a brief accompanying his motion.”
“‘The client selection notices are vague and wholly insufficient. The Pond defendants have made it appear that Stern’s whereabouts are ‘unknown,’ causing some clients to believe Stern has been physically harmed and others to believe he stopped practicing law and otherwise causing extreme confusion and upsetment amongst his clients,’ the brief said. ‘At least one of Stern’s clients, and likely others, inadvertently selected to remain with Pond Lehocky believing that he had no other choice but to do so, given the lack of information provided about Stern in the notice.'”
“‘The Pond defendants are using a new ‘Pond Lehocky’ logo and operating the revamped website that has been scrubbed of any mention of Stern, one of its founders,’ the brief said. ‘The Pond defendants are using the partnership’s assets, including its off