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Firms Fighting (Part 3) — Former Partner “Flattered” by Disqualification Motion

Pierce Bainbridge Wants To DQ Ex-Partner’s Atty” —

  • “Pierce Bainbridge has asked a New York state court to disqualify an opposing firm in a bitter lawsuit over alleged fraud at an infrastructure investment fund, saying that practice also represents a disgruntled former partner who claims Pierce Bainbridge inflates the value of its contingency cases to secure loans.”
  • “Brickman began representing Ahmad a few weeks ago, but he also represents former Pierce Bainbridge partner Don Lewis in a sprawling and intensely personal series of lawsuits against his old firm.”
  • “Lewis claims he was fired and falsely accused of sexual assault in late 2018 for threatening to blow the whistle on sketchy financial dealings at Pierce Bainbridge, chief among them the firm’s alleged practice of dramatically overstating the value of contingency fee cases in order to secure the loans that Lewis says are the fast-growing firm’s financial lifeblood.”
  • “In Friday’s motion, Pierce Bainbridge said Brickman must be disqualified from the suit because Lewis had full access to the IFG Fund case file and chatted freely with his former colleagues about the case before he was fired, giving him confidential info that could be provided to Brickman, if it hasn’t been already.”
  • ““It has nothing to do with the merits of this case. Apparently they don’t like litigating against me,’ Brickman said. ‘It’s the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose.'”