Risk Update

INDUSTRY REPORT — BRB Law Firm Risk Staffing Compensation Survey Report

Quite excited to share that the Law Firm Risk Staffing Compensation Survey report is now fresh off the presses.

The 14-page report is now on its way to the inboxes of the 80+ participants (who contributed data on 375+ individual risk staff positions).

I’d like to thank everyone who participated. I hope the results and analysis provide fresh insight and support to those looking for greater clarity on industry compensation practices.

Today, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting a “tightening” of the risk staffing market. (Witnessed a bit on the blog, in the form of more sponsored risk job posts.) As I’ve said to several colleagues — it’s not just your law firm facing these issues and challenges.

We’re witnessing increasing “lateral movement” of risk staff, attracted to positions and opportunity at other firms — sometimes via headhunter recruitment. Similarly, we’re seeing firms facing new challenges in attracting experienced staff, particularly in today’s more “remote friendly” working environment. And we’re watching firms explore options
and approaches to develop, retain, and create compelling career paths for existing staff.

As more than one risk leader shared with me, several of you are looking to this data to benchmark your existing team’s compensation, inform potential adjustments, and support future recruitment efforts. I hope the report doesn’t disappoint.

I’m quite interested in community response and feedback — particularly if there’s appetite and interest in a 2023 follow up exercise.

Finally, if you did not participate in the survey, we’re making copies available for a fee. Please get in touch for details.