Risk Update

OCG Survey Report — Law Firm Risk Staffing for Outside Counsel Guideline Review and Management

Okay, I’m quite pleased to share the report summarizing the OCG poll from last week. I’m running an experiment (publishing the full report publicly) on top of an experiment (the quick poll exercise itself). What I mean by that is instead of sharing all the interesting details with just those who took the time to contribute, I’m making this available to everyone.

The caveat is that there’s an implied pinky promise that next time I run one of these, folks will still take the poll and not just sit on the sidelines… Hopefully even more of you will  I know you’re out there! (There’s nothing like creating incentives to keep folks participating in future exercises. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I trust you.)

With that — my sincere thanks to the two dozen of you who participated! And for those who added commentary (including on the questions themselves, which I took a few notes on for next time). Speaking of next time, at least a few readers suggested some follow up questions… So maybe we’ll run OCG Poll #2 soon enough…

In the meantime, please feel free to download: “Bressler Risk Blog OCG Quick Poll (October 2021).