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Risk Reader Risk Resources — Working Group on Lawyer Discipline, IG Rountdtable Expanding

Hat tip to Lucian Pera from Adams and Reese, for sending in an update on a project he’s been working on: “Time to Renew America’s Lawyer Discipline System” —

(I just learned that the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility recently honored him with Michael Franck Award for his work in the field of ethics and professional responsibility throughout his career.)

Lucian writes:

  • “A group of seven of us, ethics lawyers from across the country, have developed this proposal for the ABA to launch a once-in-a-generation review of the mechanics, structure, and reach of lawyer regulation – the infrastructure of lawyer regulation, rather than the substance of ethics rules.”
  • “We want a group of experienced ethics regulators and professionals to be appointed to do this work. The article lays out the scope of the work we think needs to be done.”
  • “We would also propose that this group steer clear of reviewing or considering changes to substantive ethics rule, including nonlawyer ownership and fee-sharing. Important as those issues are, those are NOT the issues we’re looking to have reviewed.”

Other contributors to this piece include:

  • Mark Armitage, Michigan Attorney Discipline Board
  • Lydia Lawless, State of Maryland
  • Ronald Minkoff, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz
  • Sari W. Montgomery, Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke LLC
  • Wendy Muchman, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
  • Lynda Shely, The Shely Firm, PC

Also writing in this week is Leigh Isaacs, Sr Director Info Governance at DLA Piper, with a few IG resources to share. She says:

  • “I wanted to reach out and make you aware of a legal IG roundtable I formed several years ago and host on a monthly basis. The group has grown from a handful of people and firms to over 170 participants representing approximately 100 different firms. I facilitate but the discussion is peer led.”
  • “It’s only open to practitioners – no vendors or consultants as we want to promote an open and ‘safe’ space to share and ask questions about anything.”
  • “There have been many who have said they get great benefit from it, even if only to have an hour of “IG therapy” once a month.”
  • Folks interested in joining this community can contact Leigh directly at: leigh.isaacs@us.dlapiper.com

For those interested in learning more, she also pointed me at a recent interview she did with Jim Merrifield (Director of Information Governance & Business Intake at Robinson & Cole LLP) on his Infogov Hot Seat interview series: “IGHS4 – Interview with Leigh Isaacs, DLA Piper & Creator of the Legal Roundtable” —

  • “This episode features Leigh Isaacs, Senior Director of Information Governance at DLA Piper & creator of the Legal Roundtable. Tune in to hear her answers to these 5 burning questions:
    • When did you start the Legal Roundtable and what made you do so?
    • What kind of topics does this group discuss?
    • How often do you meet?
    • Who can join? And how to join if interested?
    • How do you see the group itself evolving in the coming years?”