Risk Update

Presidential Conflicts? “Off Books” Lawyers?

(As some have remarked, sometimes you just can’t make these things up.)

Here’s an update that caught my eye: “Trump reportedly worked with 2 ‘off the books’ lawyers to pressure Ukraine for damaging information about Joe Biden, in addition to Giuliani” —

  • “‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace said Sunday morning that top US officials confirmed President Donald Trump was working with more than one personal lawyer “off the books” to pressure Ukranian officials for damaging information on former Vice President Joe Biden.”
  • “Trump initially attempted to hire the two lawyers to represent him in the Russia probe investigation, but decided not to after it was revealed that the two attorneys had a conflict of interest in the case. Toensing had previously represented witnesses who had already communicated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.”
    • [Conflict detail] “Toensing also represents Mark Corallo, the former spokesman for Trump’s legal team. Corallo is said to have told special counsel Robert Mueller that Hope Hicks, the White House communications director, may have hinted at concealing evidence from the Russia investigation during a conference call with Corallo and Trump aboard Air Force One last year.”
  • “According to the US official who Wallace used as his anonymous source, only Trump knows the full details concerning diGenova and Toensing’s involvement in the Ukraine efforts, because the president worked with the two ‘off the books,’ choosing not to involve people within his White House administration itself.”
  • “Giuliani has denied working with any other lawyers in Ukraine dealings multiple times in Fox News appearances – a narrative that the network itself contradicts with these latest developments.”

(Would love the see a copy of any engagement letter… or outside counsel guidelines…)