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Risk Blog Update — Sponsor Welcome: Intapp

I’m very pleased to welcome a new sponsor to the Bressler Risk Blog. You may have heard of these folks, I know I have — it’s Intapp.

They’re here because they told me it was important to them to continue supporting and connecting with the legal risk community. And over the past two years this blog has grown into a pretty respectable channel for reaching this select and discerning audience.

So expect to see a monthly sponsor “thank you” post, which will include an explicitly commercial message promoting content or resources that may be of interest. Email readers will also see a discrete newsletter footer with brief commercial messages. As always, anything beyond that is up to my editorial discretion. (Though I am objectively quite curious to see the results of their risk staffing survey when that’s ready…)

I’d like to thank Intapp — and in particular Risk GM Nigel Riley, whom I’ve enjoyed getting to know better this year — for their support.

Of course, the real reward of this enterprise is the feedback and support of my readers. I always encourage folks to share this blog with colleagues and invite them to join the mailing list. (And if you happen to cross paths with anyone from Intapp and mention that you saw them on the Bressler Risk Blog and think that’s a good thing, well that’d appreciated too…)

Now, a quick word from our sponsor. And then back to the risk blogging.


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  • They’d love for you to see their latest, which you can do via this link.