Risk Update

Risk Webinar — Virtual Risk Round Table (Focus on New Business Intake)

My friends and colleagues at InOutsource are hosting their latest virtual risk round table webinar. I’ve enjoyed these past sessions and will be in the audience again at: “VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE: Successful New Business Intake” —

  • DATE: April 22nd at 1 pm Eastern.
  • “As partnerships, law firms are complicated organizations. The greatest challenges of the partnership model often are associated with getting the partners to do things associated with running the business of the firm. Lawyers like to practice law, not handle business administration.”
  • “One of the key pieces of the business of a law firm is new business intake. Get it right and important downstream processes like timekeeping, billing, collections, and profit analysis will go smoothly. Get it wrong and not only will it jam up those gears but it also could expose the firm to ethical, financial, and reputational risks.””
  • “So, if new business intake is so important, why do so many law firms struggle to get it right? What does successful new business intake look like? We have some ideas but we also want you to share yours!”
  • Conversation topic starters will include:
    • What works really well? What really doesn’t work?
    • Is this just a hoop to jump through or is there meaningful consideration of new work?
    • Are there creative workflow strategies you’ve employed to get better information from submitters, get better involvement from reviewers (answering the “should we” question), and speed things up?
    • What are the “new” things your firm has asked to know about new matters? (Marijuana businesses, Pricing, LPM, OCGs, etc.”
  • Registration link