Risk Update

Risk Webinar — Virtual Risk Round Table (Focus on OCGs: Policy, Process, Technology & More)

My friends at InOutsource are hosting the fourth webinar in their virtual risk round table series. These have sparked good interest and discussion from the community, and I’ll be a fly on the wall again at: “VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE: Navigating Today’s Pressing Risk Challenges” —

  • DATE: November 19th at 1 pm Eastern.
  • “Because we didn’t leave enough time to discuss them and our survey said you wanted more, we’re going to devote the entire hour of our next roundtable to…Outside Counsel Guidelines!”
  • “Fortunately for your family, we’re scheduling this one for the Thursday before Thanksgiving, thereby providing you with lots of OCG conversation starters to drop during your virtual Thanksgiving dinners. Talking points like:
    • Hot take from Max Welsh: OCGs aren’t worth your time! Just stick them in a drawer!
    • What are your operating procedures for reviewing and negotiating terms?
    • How have you leveraged technology to make tracking and complying with OCGs more efficient?

Registration link.