Risk Update

Survey Update — BRB Risk Staffing Compensation Survey On Track for Success!

I’m pleased to take a moment to update (and encourage) readers on data and developments to date on the BRB Risk Staffing Compensation Survey.

We’ve seen strong interest and healthy participation from many. The present summary report shows over 35 of you have taken the survey, providing detail on over 135 staff positions (and counting)!

O Canada
I had a specific note from a firm or two in Canada, noting my US bias. Apologies for that. Aiming to address that, we’ve updated the survey to include that geography. If we gather enough meaningful data from that region, we’ll either include it in the report or connect directly with those colleagues.

There’s still time to participate
When it comes to surveys, the more data the better. So I’d like to encourage those of you who are or manage risk staff to take the survey. (Remember, the one way assure you’ll receive a copy of the eventual summary report is to participate by contributing your/your team data…)

I’ll note that some of you have reached out with questions about privacy. Understanding the sensitivities involved, information is being treated with the strictest confidence. And, to be clear, the report will not be identifying firms or individuals.

But if you’re itching to participate but have concerns about privacy, please feel free to drop me a direct note. I’ve worked with a few firms on creative approaches here.

Help spread the word!
Finally, I’d like to encourage everyone to share this opportunity with colleagues. The more input we gather, the richer the results will be. So please drop a line to friends, feel free to share on social, etc. (Though if you have a risk friend you haven’t already encouraged to sign up for the blog already, are they really a friend?)

Click here to take the survey!