Risk Update

Thank You! — BRB Turns Three

April marks the third anniversary of the Bressler Risk Blog.

These milestones present nice opportunities to take a moment and reflect. (Nothing deep or surprising ahead — the risk band is not breaking up or selling out. Though I briefly considered a suggestion to start delivering these stories via video TikToks. Hear that’s big with the kids these days. If anyone creates a conflicts dance be sure to drop me a link and I’ll post it…)

But I did want to take a moment to thank all of you for reading — especially to those of you who have sent in comments, encouragement, article links, or otherwise connected — always rewarding to know that folks are reading and find these updates valuable.

Some interesting BRB stats and developments:

  • Over the past two years, we’ve posted over 550 updates.
  • Our readership is now 1000+.
  • We welcomed the folks at Intapp as a sponsor about a year ago. (Others interested in reaching this elite risk readership are welcome to explore opportunities as well…)
  • The risk jobs board/sponsored post experiment we launched late last year has been a success, with about half a dozen firms participating to date.

Part of the fun of this project is watching these numbers go up and making a small dent in the risk universe — so if you have have a law firm risk friend or colleague that isn’t signed up for email updates, I’d definitely be grateful if you could steer them this way.

Now, back to the blogging.