Risk Update

Thanksgiving Wishes (Less Risk)

Wanted to take a moment to wish every reader a Happy Thanksgiving. (And that goes for you international folks too, please find an excuse to eat some pie and hug a loved one this week as well.)

Very thankful for the engaged reader community that’s grown with this blog over the past 18+ months since launch.

I’m grateful in particular to the many who have sent in notes of support, referred friends and colleagues to sign up for updates, emailed articles and links of interest, and generally been nice people on the Internet. (I think more of that, and all of the above is generally a good thing to encourage.)

With hopes of a bit of relaxation and refreshment for all within eyeshot of these pixels, and optimistic wishes for a smoother 2021 and beyond, signing off for a few days.

(Unless there’s a crazy conflict making news. Then I’ll post. >smile<)