Risk Update

(Virtual) Risk Round Table — Session Focusing on Risk Staffing, Hiring & Training

In May, I attended a virtual risk round table presented by my friends at InOutsource. While remote, the attendee discussion and exchange was quite real, revealing, collaborative and constructive.

With a second session scheduled, I’ve registered to be in the room where it happens: “VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE: Navigating Today’s Pressing Risk Challenges” —

  • “Building on the great turnout and feedback after our last event, we’re pleased to host our second virtual risk round table on Thursday, July 23rd at 1pm EDT. In this session, we’ll focus on hiring and training risk staff — two challenges we learned many firms are currently facing.”
  • “We’ll look for participant discussion and exchange with respect to firm strategies, challenges and best practices. We also hope to hear how you think pre-Covid thinking compares with today’s shifting landscape.”
  • “This session will be moderated by:
    • Rabiya Hirji – Director of Risk Consulting
    • Max Welsh – Senior Risk Management Consultant
    • Matt Ruggieri – Development and Technology Manager”