Risk Update

Client RFPs + Records Management + IG = Business Development Opportunity

Another flavor of original content to share with the community this week. Last we highlighted an in-depth interview on industry risk trends. This week I wanted to highlight a piece on our sister site Off the Record, featuring our discussion with John Churchill, Record Department Manager, Nelson Mullins.

As he notes, clients and prospects are increasingly requesting more detailed information in RFPs about information governance policies and procedures, including records management:

  • “As a result, the role of Records Management has become more prominent. The attorneys, Risk and General Counsel all value what we do now. Similarly, the CIO and the Security team also value our input and are trying to ensure that we’re more integrated with Security.”
  • “Legal technology is changing the role of the records manager. We’re expected to have a more well-rounded view. Records staff are now expected to be more technically savvy. It’s offering growth opportunities, including re-training. Most of the team is really up for the transition.”

See the entire interview for more detail on the evolving structure, role and prominence of record/IG at his firm, and how the organization is navigating its own path to becoming more ‘paper light.’